Thursday, January 17, 2013

Alex ate boiled chicken last night, with vigor!
It was not enough to actually give him a bowel movement this morning. We walked slowly around the block, but only a squirt or two.  Ok, dog folk will understand. The rest of you shouldn't be reading this. :)

I have chicken and rice left for him, along with another bowl of Ensure. Not sure what he will feel like eating today... he has not shown the slightest interest so far. I gave him Cerenia before we walked, hopefully it will kick in soon.

Alex also wet the bed last bed. Yes, he is just not getting up in past couple of days. Too tired or does not feel it? I am not sure.

He is resting in his crate now. I don't close the door - don't even put him there. Since he started feeling sick, he just goes in sometimes. This is a new habit, he never went into the crate just to "hang" before. Carlos (my last dog) always did. Perhaps there is some comfort there in the small space while I am gone.

See you tonight Alex! And on webcam later when you move to the pillow or couch. :)