Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Alex can really pose, yes? I gave Alex a good brushing this weekend, so he went to the top of the yard to show it off. He is avidly watching the neighbors, I can't take credit for his pose. We did pass our second CGC this weekend. Not an easy task when there was a Golden doing long 'comes' that looked like LOTS of FUN in the next ring! Have a great Labor Day weekend - time to plan for that retirement!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Dogs in the city

There are no less than 7 dogs in the houses you can see here, plus a little female just past the far right and a weimereiner across the street. Who says dogs need country to be happy?

Sunday, August 07, 2005

During a rest moment, Gregor decides he needs a little additional support from his friend, Alex.
Sunday - Tryst is laying in the sun, waiting for his favorite person to come and get him. I think he is ready for a very long nap! He did lots of running this week!
Tryst speeds by the cat on his way to somewhere, while Alex stops to spend a second with his littlest buddy.
All the shepherd dogs together - Finn with hose and the others trying to herd him to wherever. They found out that Finn will not be herded.
While Tryst was with us, Finn and Gregor's folks went off for the weekend. Now we were really going to have fun! See how good Tryst has gotten at jumping the rock walls!!