Saturday, April 20, 2013

4 months gone...

It has been four months since Alex left for his next great adventure. I miss him. Life is starting to settle to a new normal. Kit-man is waiting for me to take up the slack for playtime. I am not even as good at it as Alex was.

We sold 178 shirts for donations to the Stomach Cancer Study -   Made over $2000, spent part of it on ads for the next year in TNT (Tervs 'n Tails) to let folks know about the study and how to participate. I am hopeful that these funds will be spent to help folks send necropsies in to the study.  More detailed information will hopefully gain more answers.

I picked up this bleeding heart today and planted it right in front of Alex's favorite - the daylillies. This may be the first year they have bloomed in full since he got here! He loved to sit and lay in them. The broad, cool leaves were his favorite! This is where I have placed Alex's ashes to rest. It seems appropriate.

Thank you all for helping with the sales and the study! Good news - if it helps our furry friends, it will likely also help us.