Thursday, September 06, 2007

our Princess Diana, another loss so soon

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I received an extremely sad email this morning, sent by my very first Terv friend. Her Diana, Alex's older sister, has gone to the bridge, doing one of the things she loved best. Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers. Diana had all of Alex's natural exuberance AND brains! The perfect package! It is because of Judy, Max and Diana that I have Alex today. Thank you, Judy!!

(sent 3:50 am)
... I lost Diana tonight--well, last night, I guess. We were doing a night search training exercise on the old country club golf course, and Diana did a dynamite job and found her lost victim in 3 minutes. We were all heading back to the parking lot, when I lost sight of Diana's lighted collar for about 20 seconds, and called her. Nothing.
We found her body about an hour later, at the bottom of a 10' drop into a gully with a vertical "cliff" edge. They tell me she must have died instantly.
I'm still numb--it happened so fast, I just can't believe it. One moment she was prancing, racing, proud of herself for doing a great job and headed back to her car--and the next she was gone.
The team who trained with me all helped take her out to Bill's place and we buried her next to Max and Doris--beside Max, of course, who had adored her so faithfully in life. ...

Just-a-wynter Witchcraft ~ Diana
October 29, 1999 - September 5, 2007
Active SAR partner of and lovingly kept by .. Judy Otto, Holly Springs, MS

Please keep them in your thoughts