Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January, a time of change

It is January again. One of the months that changes so much in my life, both for loss and wonder.
  I was born in Januaray, two of my cousins and a myriad of friends. 
I also lost my Dad, Alex and just this year, a dear friend and neighbor.  
The rest of the (Northern) world may be dormant, but to me, January will always be change.

Eve, above, has been staying with me for a couple of months. She is a good roomie and keeps me centered and aware of joy. In this photo, she just finished a dash of tag with Kit. Yes, Kit is still doing fine and really appreciates having a Terv to play and wrestle with. Note her "READY?" look? I can never recreate that for the cat! LOL

I miss Alex, I miss my Dad, and I miss Loraine. 
I love my friends and family that share this month with me.

I am excited to be selling cuff bracelets to support the Gastric Cancer study this month.
The doctor in charge, Christine McNiel, is coming to our ABTC National in April and I am so excited!
Now, to make enough to pay for those expenses and I am happy. :)
Have a wonderful year, all!