Sunday, December 30, 2012

Alex? A picky eater?

Alex has never, never been a picky eater. Never.
When we changed to the canned food, EN  and now Halo, he ran to the food bowl. He even put up with me adding Pepto to calm his stomach. Today is the first day he has eaten some...then walked away.  I left it down for a while, added more water. He slurped some of the liquid, but did not really eat much. Has he finally smelled the meds?  I eventually dumped that and put down some homemade Alex stew with no meds. Ground turkey, carrots, green beans, lots of broth. He picked at that, ate some leftover pork and beans, then finally finished the stew. Normal meal, 3 minutes tops. This one, over an hour.
He asked for a chew half hour later, so I gave it to him. He is moving a bit slow today. 
Saturday was the first time I was sure he had thrown up two times in one day, 6 hours apart. I upped him to one of the cerenia pills.
Today has been ok holding down, just eating slow.
Napping now. Perhaps we both should, but my mind goes to my holiday to do list....

View from my pillow

Alex has not really cuddled for the first eight years. Now, he presses into my back or front every morning before we meet the day.
We don't bounce out of bed as quickly as we used to, but that is not a bad thing.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

December - 2012

 Met Jeanne of Color Pots at NKY Craft Affair Thankgiving weekend. I was so impressed with her work, I had her make a plate of Alex. This is not the best photo of the combo, but it is the one Kit managed to get into... so everyone in the picture!

Then we have a wistful Alex. Wearing the holiday hat, no food in site. He is sure I have made a greivous error!
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Sleepy morning for Alex

I woke up earlier than usual this morning. Have been watching the news for about 45 minutes from bed.  Why am I still sitting in bed? Well, Alex has snuggled himself up to me and I cannot find  it in me to move or leave. 
It was the week before Thanksgiving he was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Hard to believe that was over a month ago.
Alex still has good appetite and good spirits. He cuddles now, something here rarely did before. So I let him. I rarely move until he is ready, even if it makes me late.  
Thankful that I can write this on my phone, so I don't have, about that shower...