Friday, January 18, 2008

2000 Passat GLX wagon for sale

The surgery on my ankle is over, the cast is on (large and purple). Time to move forward ............ and that means selling our old Passat so we can drive the new one, when I can drive again.

6 cyl, front wheel drive. 104,800 miles Candy white, grey leather interior with wood accents new brakes after 100,000 miles Great car - kept in garage. Some of my favorite features? the heated leather seats (the ahhhhh factor this time of year), rain sensing wipers (goes faster when rain does! really! and never starts in a car wash - mystery to me!), trip computer (yes, I am a geek), climatronic heat control (set it at 68 or -- and forget it), Monsoon sound system w CD player, front wheel drive, moon/sun roof that also just cracks open for a bit of air, two 12 volt power access in back of wagon, 60/40 fold down back seats. Tires from Tire Discounter w warranty and free rotation for life of car. Oil changes necessary only each 5000 miles. Hwy mileage 27, city 24. Trailer hitch.

Contact me at if interested.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Somerset Herding Conformation results

Alex took a point and WD at Somerset - handled and groomed by Sue Young. Sue is a great friend and took Alex during my surgury and immediate recovery. I understand they all had a great time!
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Saturday, January 12, 2008

broke my ankle, January 2

What a way to start the New Year! We had a beautiful, powdery snow and I worked from home to save the highways and be safe. There is some irony there!
I let Alex out about 3:30 and he started fence barking with the dog visiting next door. Could have just let them wear themselves out, but no. I went up the hill to corrall him and after dropping on my butt a couple times, I heard the fateful CRACK!

I boot-scooted down the hill, across the stone patio area, down the steps, across the deck to the back porch. This is the area that Alex has previously been known to FLY across in 3 landings or less! Did I mention it is 10 degrees and I have no jacket on?

I acheived the kitchen floor and the neighbors came through the front door. In short order, we called the Cinti firemen who put my leg/ankle in a splint and carried me down to the car.
Fast foward to 1/8 - surgery. So painful I slept through all of it and most of the day. Stayed overnight in the hospital and then came home to the street. My cast was caving in the back, which gave us cause for another visit and a chance to take this gorgeous photo of what used to be a "fairly turned ankle."

I am home recuperating now. Alex is spending some quality time with club member and friend, Sue Young. What a blessing friends are! They have taken care of both Alex and I over the past two weeks and I know we will need them constantly in the next two months. A big furry kiss and hug to each of them!

Now, about airline travel - think I need a note from my doctor about extra metal in my ankle! Oh well....................
I hope you have a safe and wonderful new year!