Tuesday, February 25, 2014

80 Metal Keepsake Bracelets sold to support the Tufts Gastric Cancer study!!

In memory of Alex and to support blood donation for the Cancer Study at the 2014 ABTC National in April, I sold Keepsake bracelets from December to end of January.
Just finished what is probably the last bracelet tonight.  My goal was 30-40, we sold a total of 80!!! I am blown away!
Many thanks to friends old and new that supported this endeavor.  This was a bittersweet task and I met many new folks and their friends.

These funds will support the Gastric Cancer Study at Tufts - outlined on ABTC.org.
Dr. Elizabeth McNiel, managing that study, will join us in Huron, Ohio to speak to the members and take samples of dogs over 8 years old.

I cannot tell you how thankful I am for all your support for this study!
Bless you all!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January, a time of change

It is January again. One of the months that changes so much in my life, both for loss and wonder.
  I was born in Januaray, two of my cousins and a myriad of friends. 
I also lost my Dad, Alex and just this year, a dear friend and neighbor.  
The rest of the (Northern) world may be dormant, but to me, January will always be change.

Eve, above, has been staying with me for a couple of months. She is a good roomie and keeps me centered and aware of joy. In this photo, she just finished a dash of tag with Kit. Yes, Kit is still doing fine and really appreciates having a Terv to play and wrestle with. Note her "READY?" look? I can never recreate that for the cat! LOL

I miss Alex, I miss my Dad, and I miss Loraine. 
I love my friends and family that share this month with me.

I am excited to be selling cuff bracelets to support the Gastric Cancer study this month.
The doctor in charge, Christine McNiel, is coming to our ABTC National in April and I am so excited!
Now, to make enough to pay for those expenses and I am happy. :)
Have a wonderful year, all!