Saturday, November 24, 2012

Alex had a play date with Sadie, one of his "besties" on Saturday.
She kept him company while Sadie's person and I went to the craft fair. Found some fun stuff!
So did the fur-kids. Came home to cat food on the kitchen floor and not so nice and dry on the living room floor. Yuk!!

Funniest part?  they had matching hair cuts. Shaved belly and IV-poodle-paw.
I think they both enjoyed the day!

Kit watches Alex sleep

After several hours of play with Sadie, Alex is quite tired.
Kit watches over him. Kit usually rests during evening hours about 2-3 feet from Alex, but one has to wonder  (as I watch a PBS show on "Animal Odd Couples") if he understands.

Alex was diagnosed about ten days ago with stomach cancer.  I am not sure how long Alex will be with us, but I know I will not be the only friend missing him.
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Friday, November 23, 2012

Thankgiving 2012, warm and sunny!

Thanks, Brooke for having us at your Mom's!

Alex was in/otu of the pond MANY times!!

He was so excited, he barely paused.

Yes, he knows how to pose for the camera! Note the wet coat and decorative leaves.
We did not have the camera out on the second trip, when little black spot LuLu decided to join the party.  First time she had met Alex, but she was kind.   :)
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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Took Alex and Kit to the vet today.

Kit's regular check up and shots... found fleas! First time for him, as he never goes outside. Dr Collette says fleas are good at finding a way in. None on Alex, who does get regular Frontline.  All Kit's numbers looking good!   Reminder, we brought Kit home from SPCA in 2001. Estimated him at one year old at that time.

Alex has been losing weight, down to 52.7 today.  He eats well, functionally same as always... but is regurgitating at least once a week in the middle of the night. I had lowered his dinner quantity, hopefully to not cause overfill.  His back is getting pretty bony.

Dr did not feel anything, and with the light weight, one can feel a lot!  Brought home some EN canned food for a couple of days while we try to see what is causing the toss up.  Left them with blood and such for tests, hopefully to shed a light.

More to follow...