Monday, November 02, 2009

Life change for Alex... today is nuetering day

Alex was 5 in March and we have no plans to breed, so....
Today is the day.

Dr Liz at Park Hills will do the procedure today. We have shared the research and all are ready. Well, not sure about Alex. He does not truly understand it. So far, the only thing he humps is his male, neutered cat!

More later.

... Alex and I are home. The vet tech said "he will probably be calm, since he is 5"... as she was telling me to keep him calm for 10 days. Obviously, she did not know Alex! When she brought him out 5 minutes later, he dragged her all the way!
He did pass on actually jumping into the crate in the back of the Tiguan. Easily made the back seat area and laid down like a pro for the ride home.