Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Now that he is over ONE YEAR OLD

Alex been pottying like the big guys - on three legs - for the past few weeks. I don't understand this, must be he learned in the darkness of winter. One day he and I were walking and he just lifted that leg higher than his head to go against a tree. I never saw any faulty starts, odd leaning, catching balance - he just DID it. I figure he had to practice in the daytime when my neighbors let him out, but I missed it all. Now it is just another Belgian miracle!

Now another surprise from the little guy - Monday night he scampered right up this wall. Yes, that marker says 43 inches! It wasn't really a jump. He started from right next to it and I think he had to grab the wall with his back feet as well, but over he went. I was standing 2 ft behind him and totally surprised! He has hit the lower walls in past months, but this one is so OVER his 24" shoulders.